World Cup Final

Leo Messi and 4 German Defenders World Cup 2014

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”
photo from Leo Messi’s facebook page

Better late than never for this post ……….

I know you can’t believe everything you see on the internet but if these riots in Argentina are real ……….. what a disappointment!

I mean, I was really (really, really, really, really) hoping Argentina would win.  Go Messi!  But he is only one guy against 11 other players …….. it takes a whole team.  They played a great game, the (thankless) defense was on and maybe if Messi’s right hand guy, Di Maria had been healthy they would have got the goal they needed.

I have never really paid so much attention to a World Cup before.  I have, in the past, been far more concerned with playing a game or doing a sport than watching it on TV.  But somehow I really got sucked into it this year.  The group round was awesome!  I couldn’t watch ALL of the games, but not one single one that I did watch was boring.  The knock-out round was a little less exciting.  A game of strategy maybe ……. waiting for the other team to make the first move …… or mistake.  I really felt for Brazil in the semis.  It was like they lost Neymar Jr and their heart with him.  He was exciting to watch as all of the superstars are …….. there is a reason we know their names.

I can’t imagine the intense pressure the players must have felt.  Especially those who are built up by the media.  Is playing the game even fun for them under that kind of scrutiny ……….. I hope so.

It’s entertainment people!!!!! Cut them some slack!! And riots!! Seriously!!

I am disgusted by the whole thing.  As I was with the riots in Vancouver after their loss to Boston in the 2011 Stanley Cup Play-off.  Watching it on TV, living in the same city, what a surreal experience.

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