Alaska Anyone?

It has been on my mind to cycle the Pan-American Highway from its northern most reaches at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to its most southern point of Ushuaia, Argentina.  The “official” route measures approximately 48,000km.  Yowzers!  That is a trip that will take some time!  The kind of time I don’t really have at the moment …. the timing is right, however, for a baby step.

Pan-American Highway according to Wikipedia

Pan-American Highway according to Wikipedia
This is not the exact route I plan to take. My preference is to stay more coastal along the Pacific side of North America

The plan is to ride  the Dalton Highway from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks Alaska and continue on to Whitehorse along the Alaska Highway.

There is currently a snowfall warning for Atigun pass in the Brooks Range section of the Dalton Highway.  On the flip side, the sun doesn’t set until July 29  ……. wish me luck!

I won’t be posting anything along the way (not that I have any great consistency with posting anyway) as I will have no power source and no internet service.  My computer isn’t really up to the task right now anyway.  I’ll hopefully find the time to keep good notes and take some fantastic pictures to put up on my return.