Richmond Loop Iona Beach Bike Ride

Route Taken: Richmond Loop Iona Beach

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride on Saturday so I went for a wee ride around sunny Richmond.  Richmond is a great place for early season riding.  It doesn’t rain as much as Vancouver and it is flat.  The one drawback is wind but you can’t have everything and at least half of the ride has the wind at your back.

Check the link above for the route taken.  After crossing the sky train bridge from Vancouver I usually head west past the casino towards the airport.  The ride down Ferguson Road to Iona Beach is a dream with little traffic and quite a number of other cyclists.  It is a very popular stretch of road for training rides.  It’s also quite exciting to feel the “awesome power” of planes as they fly over head on their landing approach or take off from the airport.

Ferguson Road to Iona Beach

The long straight stretch along Ferguson Road to Iona Beach at Sunset

Heading back from Iona Beach the route turns south through Burkeville and then onto a brand new bike path towards No. 2 Road bridge.


Airport Park at Burkeville – interactive globe


Airport Park at Burkeville – interactive “paper airplanes”

There is a bike route to the right after the bridge that I use to make my way to DSCF4058Railway Avenue, another long straight stretch to Steveston.  Railway has a designated bike lane for faster riders but also a brand new multi-use path runs along it.  It’s set back from the road and great for less confident riders.  At the end of Railway the route loops counter clockwise around to the historical Britannia Shipyard (A pleasant place to explore on a sunny day) and then heads in an eastward direction.


Britannia Shipyard


Britannia Shipyard


Britannia Shipyard – bunk houses

The next leg of the ride is a scenic cruise along the dyke by the river.  It meanders away from the river, through some farm fields and then back along the dyke.  The section connecting No. 5 Road to Sidaway road is a bit complicated so read the route map carefully.  The route heads north along Sidaway road towards Westminster Highway where it turns east again.  There is a choice of riding on the road along Westminster or riding on the bike path.  The bike path is a bit sketchy with the number of hidden driveways so I would suggest faster riders ride on the road.

The route passes under the East-West Connector just past the railway tracks and eventually rejoins the now northbound Westminster  Highway just after the the big S-curve by the fire station.  This road is a designated bike route and after a short jaunt the route heads back westward along River Road.


Scenes along River Road


Scenes along River Road


Scenes along River Road


The Richmond Iona Beach Loop is a very popular ride for cyclists and you are bound to encounter many groups along this route.  I look forward to seeing more people taking advantage of this route!

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